NFL Standings And Playoff Predictions For Next Year

AFC North

Cleveland Browns 12-4 2

Cincinnati Bengals 8-8

Pittsburgh Steelers 8-8

Baltimore Ravens 8-8

AFC East

Miami Dolphins 10-6 3

New England Patriots 10-6

New York Jets 9-7

Buffalo Bills 9-7

AFC South

Tennessee Titans 10-6 4

Jacksonville Jaguars 10-6

Houston Texans 9-7

Indianapolis Colts 7-9

AFC West

Los Angeles Chargers 12-4 1

Kansas City Chiefs 12-4 5

Oakland Raiders 10-6 6

Denver Broncos 7-9

NFC North

Detroit Lions 11-5 2

Chicago Bears 10-6 5

Minnesota Vikings 7-9

Green Bay Packers 5-11

NFC East

Philadelphia Eagles 9-7 4

Washington Redskins 9-7

New York Giants 8-8

Dallas Cowboys 7-9

NFC South

Atlanta Falcons 12-4 1

New Orleans Saints 10-6 6

Carolina Panthers 8-8

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 6-10

NFC West

Los Angeles Rams 11-5 3

San Francisco 49ers 9-7

Seattle Seahawks 8-8

Arizona Cardinals 7-9

Wild Card Round

Saints Beat Rams

Bears Beat Eagles

Raiders Beat Dolphins

Chiefs Beat Titans

Divisional Round

Falcons Beat Saints

Bears Beat Lions

Browns Beat Raiders

Chargers Beat Chiefs

Championship Round

Falcons Beat Bears OT

Browns Beat Chargers

Super Bowl

Falcons Beat Browns OT

Why this makes sense. The Falcons were supposed to be Super Bowl contenders last year when their top players went down including Freeman, Jarrett, Deion Jones, Neal and Allen. With them all healthy and now a Bruce Irvin and possibly Justin Houston, they could be unstoppable. The Browns traded for OBJ and signed Sheldon Richardson. The Chargers and Chiefs are just good. I don’t expect the Chiefs to win the division because they traded Ford. Raiders are showing that they are going to win. They have what 4 first round picks? They barely traded anything for Antonio Brown? Lions have signed some top tier players including Jesse James, Trey Flowers and, Danny Amendola. This route makes sense, Browns get their first Super Bowl appearance and Falcons get their first Super Bowl win.

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