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Le’Veon Bell to ???

Top tier running back on free agency? Perfect chance for any team needy of a rushing game to up the game. This superstar could change the fortunes of many NFL teams and push them over the brink. After a dispute last year with the Steelers, sitting out the entire season, who will he sign with? According to the odds are as follows.

New York Jets +500

Following Closely, Tampa Bay Buccaneers +550

Philadelphia Eagles +750

Tied With The Eagles, Houston Texans +750

Baltimore Ravens +800

Indianapolis Colts +900

Oakland Raiders +1000 Could they land two superstars?

Then we have the 49ers, Packers, Browns, Dolphins, Lions, Redskins, Seahawks, and Patriots in order. Also the Steelers are on the list to resign him although unprobable. The Jets and Bucs definitely need backs after Doug Martin left and the Jets haven’t had a rushing game in a while. The Eagles also lost Ajayi so they could use a back. Texans, they have Lamar Miller who is good but is getting old and could retire soon.

Landon Collins Was Not Franchised? Wait You Say What?

Landon Collins the young blazing safety was not franchise tagged by the New York Giants making him a free agent. Many teams should be interested in signing this young player to improve their secondary. The Lions are clearly in the lead with +265 odds. The Lions could really use someone alongside uh who? They need safety help! According to, the Bucs follow with +400 odds tied with the Cowboys and Chiefs. This was probably not the best decision to not franchise Collins especially if you are trying to trade OBJ to Browns.

Who will sign Landon Collins to help them? Many teams would really want this young superstar, but will they be able to afford him.

What Jersey Will Suh Wear Next Year?

Suh was a free agent last year and signed with the Rams. This year, he has to do it again. Who will he sign with. According to, these five teams have the best chance of signing Ndamukong Suh.

Cleveland Browns

Indianapolis Colts

Seattle Seahawks

Los Angeles Rams

Tennessee Titans

Who will sign him in the end? He is a top tier player that should be signed.

Who Will Sign Golden Tate?

Golden Tate has been with 3 teams. Seahawks. Lions. Eagles. Who will he sign with? What teams need a wide receiver? These three teams need him the most and have the best chance of signing him.

Raiders. They might get Brown and then they would have 2 good receivers if they sign Tate.

Panthers. Benjamin=Gone. Funchess=Gone. Panthers passing game=Gone. Panthers need a receiver badly. Tate would really help.

49ers. They need some better receivers. Their other ones are okay. Tate would really help to give Jimmy another outlet to pass to.

Who will sign him in the end?

Where Will Earl Thomas End Up?

Hint. NOT SEATTLE! Look at the picture. There is a reason there is a black box around Thomas’ hand. In a Seattle vs Dallas game he went out at yes, flipped the duck to the Seattle sideline. If anything is for sure, it’s that he will not end up with Seattle. Well, he might but there is a very small percentage.

Some possible landing spots are

Detroit. Already a good chance of getting Landon Collins, two star safeties would really help their team.

New York Jets. Don’t get made if they end up on like everyone’s possible signing locations. They are going to spend like a lot of money and have a good shot at everyone.

Tampa Bay. They to are going to spend the big bucks. They don’t exactly have the best secondary. Brent Grimes is a free agent now so they really need a secondary player. Thomas would really help them.

49ers. Ha ha. They have a laughable defense. Especially their secondary. They need to have an upgraded team. They have so much money and need to use it. 49ers are also a division rival to the Seahawks.

Who will sign this pro bowl safety? He is probably one of the top players on the market. He should be signed. He may want a lot of money though. Only a team with lot’s of money will be able to sign him. Who will though?

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