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Case Keenum: The Redskin

You heard me right. Case Keenum was traded to the Redskins. According to ESPN, The Broncos have traded Case Keenum the QB to the Washington Redskins in exchange for a 2020 6th round pick. Also, the Broncos sent a 2019 7th round pick to the Redskins. Who will start for the Redskins next year?

Marcus Gilbert Has Been Traded To The Cardinals

For A 6th Round Pick!! He is 31 though. Still that is like CHEEP! Capital C! Capital H! Capital E! Capital E! Capital P! According to Pittsburgh Post-Gazette he was traded earlier today. Marcus Gilbert will be a huge boost to the Cardinals in keeping Rosen upright.

Michael Bennett Has Been Traded

From The Eagles To The Patriots. For a 5th round pick. Apparently people like trading 5th round picks. Carlos Hyde. Case Keenum. Now Michael Bennett. Case Keenum and Michael Bennett were dealt for the same amount. Both teams acquired a 5th round pick in exchange for a 7th round pick and the player. Michael Bennett at 31 years of age is now wearing a Patriots jersey. How will this impact the Eagles and the Patriots?

Giants-Browns Trade

Olivier Vernon has been shipped to Cleveland in exchange for Kevin Zeitler according to This just happened. Crazy. Zeitler was one of the reasons that Mayfield was actually ever able to throw the ball. Browns offensive line is not so good. Olivier Vernon had a season that well, was not exactly the best, tallying only 7 sacks. This trade was definitely going to benefit the Giants way more then the Browns. Although, Vernon was a Pro Bowl selection, he did not have the best season as he could have. Happy Birthday Kevin, you get to start a new season with a new team. His birthday was yesterday March 8th. Will this affect either team?

Raider Nation


Wow. That’s crazy! That’s all, a 3rd and 5th rounder? The trade has not been officially confirmed yet but is in the process. The wait is over. Antonio Brown will wear an Oakland Raiders jersey next year. That’s all for now. Check back for more updates.

Hey Philly, I’m Back

Hey Eagles fans, you got your receiver back. DeSean Jackson has been traded back to Philly according to Bleacher Report. The trade included the Eagles sending a 2019 6th round pick and a 2020 7th rounder. What will this mean for either team? The Eagles are definitely going to have a good receiver in Jackson for a few years. Jackson is 32 years old. How long will he be able to play?

Fordy Niners

No, I did not spell forty wrong, well, I kinda did. Anyway, the 49ers have traded for pro bowl pass rusher Dee Ford according to The 49ers sent away a 2nd round draft pick for next year. Sort of cheep actually. The 49ers needed that pass rush, they already got Kwon Alexander too. The 49ers are going to be putting some pressure on opposing quarterbacks. 49ers definitely got the better of this deal. A 2nd rounder for a pro bowler? Good work there.

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