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Antonio Brown Trade Talks

Who will Antonio Brown be traded to? The Steelers have said that he will be traded by Friday. Quickly losing talent with Le’Veon Bell hitting free agency, the Steelers need something big. Although old, he is still possibly the best NFL wide receiver. Some teams have backed out after realizing he may be to costly. The trade should be here by tomorrow. The teams still in the hunt are as follows:

Oakland Raiders

Tennessee Titans

Washington Redskins

The Denver Broncos, Arizona Cardinals and, New York Jets are reportedly not interested in Brown either because of the price or something else.

Antonio Brown To Raiders?

Antonio Brown to be traded to the Raiders? This is the team considered most interested in Brown. If the Raiders trade a few of their many draft picks to acquire this superstar in Brown. It would be a good start for when they move to Vegas. AB could quickly change the Raiders fortunes around. According to, the Raiders odds of acquiring Brown is +350, the best in the league. The only thing the Raiders have to trade is probably pick.

The big question is will Brown want to play for this pretty bad team? If he does then the Raiders will probably have a Hall of Famer in their hands next year.

Antonio Brown To Redskins?

Redskins need a wide receiver. If anyone says that, tell them that is an understatement. No Redskins wide receiver topped even 560 receiving yards. Antonio Brown would push them over the top to lead the NFC East, the Redskins should definitely try to land #84. The Redskins are also a good team so Brown would want to play for the Redskins rather than the Raiders. Could the Redskins land this star wide receiver?

Antonio Brown To Titans?

Antonio Brown to the Titans? Is it possible? According to the Titans have +550 odds of acquiring this superstar of #84. The Titans don’t have that much to trade though. Although the Steelers may have to settle for less, the Titans might not be able to hit what the Steelers want for AB. Although Antonio is older than some players, he is still a Hall of Fame candidate. The Titans are probably the best team in the hunt for Brown so he would probably prefer to play for the Titans. If you want to bet against the Raiders, this would probably be your best choice.

False Statements

Breaking News!

Titans and Redskins are out on the Antonio Brown trade talks!

Brown Shuts Down Bills

According to TheScore, the Buffalo Bills were nearing a trade with the Pittsburgh Steelers for Antonio Brown. Although unclear if this was true, many people said it was fake news including Brown. If this trade will happen, is still unclear. Also unclear is what Buffalo would send to acquire Antonio Brown. The Steelers said they would trade him by Friday. Today is Friday so we should have a trade by the end of the day. Who will he be traded to?

Alert Brown Has Not Been Traded


Yesterday was Friday. The Steelers said they would have a trade done by Friday A.K.A yesterday. He is yet to be traded. Will he be traded at all? If so then who would he be traded to? Bills fell through. Raiders are currently the only team who haven’t dropped out on him. What will happen with this star receiver?

Raider Nation


Wow. That’s crazy! That’s all, a 3rd and 5th rounder? The trade has not been officially confirmed yet but is in the process. The wait is over. Antonio Brown will wear an Oakland Raiders jersey next year. That’s all for now. Check back for more updates.

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